About Us

The Venture Wipes Story


Venture Wipes were created by full-time travelers for those seeking adventure, and others who just need an on-the-go clean.

 While living, working and adventuring in RVs, we have discovered that sometimes a regular wash-up just isn’t in the cards. Water is even more or a premium while boondocking or dry-camping in many of our countries scenic and remote places. There had to be an easier option to get clean in times like these.

 During our travels we were constantly going through baby wipes. They were ill prepared for anything but wiping our hands and usually fell to tatters while trying to knock off the grime from our latest outing. With this in mind, we developed Venture Wipes. A full body shower wipe that checks all of the boxes; lightweight, portable and environmentally friendly with safe, natural ingredients.

 We aren’t scared to get dirty but there’s no reason to stay that way. We enjoy the freedom of travel and adventure without having our personal hygiene suffer . . . because we all know that #dirthappens.