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  • Use

    Venture Wipes can be used on almost anything, we recommend using these wipes on your body. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this is a packable shower that will fit in your pocket. Tear open the wrapper, unfold the wipe, and get some cleaning done. Now get out there and have an adventure with us.

  • Mission

    Sometimes life throws a little mud your way when water is a bit scarce, that’s where these large body wipes come into play. Venture Wipes were created by our families from the need to keep clean while having adventures on the road. Good for you, safe for the environment, and easily packable.

  • Environment

    Keeping our bodies and our environment clean is at the top of our list at Venture Wipes. Our wipes offer minimal and natural ingredients for cleaning your body, along with a biodegradable material that is easy on the environment. Free of alcohol, parabens, and sulfates.  

Take Anywhere

We are always on the move. Everyday there is something to accomplish, somewhere to discover, adventures to have, and work to be done. Venture Wipes are designed for just this purpose.

Clean Everything

Whatever life throws at you, Venture Wipes has you covered. This thick and textured wipe is strong enough to clean your body and then your gear. 


What are the ingredients?

Water, Aloe, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil

What is the wipe made of?

Venture Wipes are made of a strong, natural fiber. They are completely biodegradable. But please, use a trash can.

Are they safe?

Absolutely! We've purposely kept our wipes free of alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. We want you to feel good about this choice.

Can I reuse them?

Sure thing. Because Venture Wipes are so strong, you can easily rinse them out and keep on cleaning.

Will they give me super powers?

Unfortunately, no. But . . . you will be super clean, so that's a plus.